Application FAQ

Q: How do I apply?

Visit our website for the online application, this is the fastest and easiest method!
You may also submit a PDF version of the application.

Q: What is required?
  • Non-refundable Application Fee
  • Valid photo ID
  • Authorization form
  • Contingency form
  • Income verification
  • Color photo of pet(s), if applicable

Q: Who must apply?

NC Law requires that all adults (18 years of age and older) that would live in the home must be listed on the lease in order to have a legal right to inhabit the property. Therefore, each adult who will live in the home must apply. Yes, that means that if you're married that the husband AND wife must apply separately and each pay the $40 fee, for example.

Q: How much can I qualify for?

Typically, we require monthly household income of applicants to be three (3) times the lease payments (Monthly Gross Income must = 3 x Monthly Rent Amount). If there is more than one adult living in the home then we will combine the monthly income for all adults that would reside in the home. For example, if the monthly rental rate is $500 than the gross monthly rental rate of the applicants must be at least $1,500.

Q: How do you verify employment?

Employment status will be verified with the current employer. You will need to submit two of your most current paycheck stubs. If you are in the midst of starting a new job, we will then contact the future employer.

Q: What if I am a student or am not employed?

In lieu of meeting the income requirements, an applicant may show certified proof that he/she has three times the total lease amount in liquid assets, such as stocks, bonds or savings account. Another options may be to secure a GUARANTOR. The guarantor must complete a full application and pay the applicable fee, this person must meet all application requirements. The guarantor would also need to sign the lease and guarantor form (which also must be notarized).

Q: What items on the thorough Criminal and Credit Screening Report may negatively impact my application?
  • Felony convictions (within the past 10 years)
  • Violent misdemeanors (within the past 10 years)
  • Registered sex offender
  • Inclusion on the OFAC terrorist watch list
  • Severe financial delinquencies
  • Unpaid civil judgments
  • Items referred for collection
  • Prior Summary Ejectment filings
  • Current bankruptcies
  • Delinquent on current rent

Q: Do I need Renters Insurance?

Yes, our residents are solely responsible for insuring their own personal property that is located or stored upon the property leased. Any loss from the risks of damage, destruction or loss resulting from theft, fire, storm and other hazards and casualties are your sole responsibility.

IMPORTANT: Required Minimum Limits are $15,000 of Personal Property coverage and $100,000 of Liability Coverage. Note that higher limits are available with very limited cost. Please contact your insurance agent with questions regarding renters insurance coverage.

Q: Can you summarize the Application Process?

In summary, and in conjunction with some of the previously listed FAQ, our application process is as follows:

1.Each adult (18+ years of age) planning to occupy the property must submit a completed (separate) application.

2.If applicant is a student (Undergraduate or Graduate) or not employed, a guarantor/co-signor must be secured. The guarantor/co-signor must also submit a completed application and the Guarantor/Co-signor Form, as well as pay the application fee.

3.Application Requirements, Deposits, and Fees

Application (Offer) Fee: There is a $40.00 NON-REFUNDABLE application fee for each applicant that is payable at the time the application is submitted. Payment must be in the form of CERTIFIED FUNDS (ex. Cashier’s Check or Money Order).

Holding Deposit: The amount is typically equivalent the monthly rent.

(Note: Does not apply to the 1st month rent)

*This check should be separate from other funds paid (i.e., Application Fee and Pet Fee).

Pet Fee: If applicable, there is a $275.00 NON-REFUNDABLE Pet Fee that is payable. Payment must be in the form of CERTIFIED FUNDS.

4.A completed application consists of ALL of the following:

  1. Complete and Signed Application
  2. Terms and Conditions Acknowledgement
  3. Valid Government Issued ID (for each applicant/person over the age of 18)
  4. Color photo of pet(s) if applicable
  5. Most Recent 2-months Pay-Stub. (If you are self-employed then we will need your tax returns-IRS Form 1040 to verify income).

5.Once your completed application including all information listed above, is received, we will do the following (which typically takes approximately 3-5 business days, or less to perform):

  1. Process your application
  2. Review any requested contingencies with the landlord
  3. Review your credit report
  4. Review your criminal report
  5. Review your income verification
  6. Verify your employment
  7. Verify your rental references
  8. Contact owner/landlord final decision

6.After reaching a decision on your application we will do the following based on the decision:

  1. Denial: We will contact you in writing to let you know why
  2. Acceptance: We will contact you in writing to supply you additional information. Upon approval, you will have 24 business hours to sign the lease and pay the security deposit. The property will remain on the market until the lease is signed. The security deposit must be paid in the form of a money order or certified check.

Q: Do you accept Pets?

Please visit our Pet Policy & Unauthorized Pets section to review our pet policy in full - click here to view full Pet Policy.

The Edwards Companies is pleased to offer the opportunity for residents to have pets under the following terms and conditions:

General Pet Policy

Property owners determine if they will allow pets, or not. This is listed in the property information for each home and is not deviated from. Any pet that is considered a "vicious breed" in the Landlord's sole discretion shall not be allowed. Included, but not limited to, in these breeds are:

  • Pit Bulls
  • Chows
  • Rottweilers
  • Dobermans
  • German Shepherds
  • Mixtures of any above

Costs Associated with Traditional Pets

  • Non-refundable pet fee of $275 per pet due prior to move-in
  • Fees for allowed "non traditional" caged pets vary, please inquire

Complete terms and conditions of all permitted pets are contained in the lease and should be reviewed prior to submitting an application for a property. All conditions contained herein are subject to change by the landlord.

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